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Friday, June 29, 2012

Annie Sloan Paints FLORENCE
arrived on my doorstep yesterday...
late in the day, in fact
and yet here is a finished project...or TWO!

Needless to say,
I couldn't dip into it fast enough!

The table top was TRASHED...
so dark and gunky,
you couldn't even see the beautiful pattern
The marquetry kept me from painting over it
and boy am I glad I didn't!
Just look at that gorgeous detailing!
I won't say it was easy...
just that it was worth it

What color could possibly hold it's own against 
that glorious table top?

Florence, of course!
Florence is a pretty spectacular color
and I wanted a bit more impact for the table
Viola, a mirror!
Heavily detailed
lots of dark wax
Yum. Just yum. 

I envision this loveliness
in a foyer or hall...
perhaps tucked into an underused nook...

Wherever it ends up, it will certainly steal the show!
Available in our Etsy shop

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seeing Stars

Another piece from the Americana Collection
inspired by relaxed country living and
 American farmhouse style

 I've been wanting to do a piece using
and was inspired by the upcoming
Independence Day holiday...

 I wanted to avoid anything with too much of a "theme"
as I tend to tire of those pieces quickly
in my own home
but I loved the idea of a little hidden "something"
to make a special piece even more so...

 The red is so deep and rich...
I only used dark wax on this piece...
right over the paint...
(if you're going to try this, I encourage you to test first!)

 When we purchased this piece, it had issues.
many, many issues...
 now, the repairs all seem worth every second they took...

Wondering about that gorgeous navy blue 
on the drawers?
I custom mixed that color using Annie Sloan Paint
(click the link to find your local stockist)
Curious about mixing colors?
Miss Annie has a charming blog
all about color theory...

This piece is available in our Etsy Shop

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Help Requested! Brainstorm Blog 2

Ariel needs some suggestions!

"This is a picture of an end table I bought about a year ago. I loved it's shape but it was painted a terrible Crayon Green color. I went and picked out an olive-ish green color to paint over it and at first it didn't look too terrible. I SWEAR it has gotten lighter and lighter every day. It's now an awful lime green color that I gooped on (I had no idea what I was doing back then) and now I'm stuck with at least three layers of paint and no clue what to do with it. The rest of my living room is done in grays and robin's egg blue, with splashes of turquoise. All of the other furniture is distressed, so I have no idea what to do with this table so that it fits in, but doesn't have icky green showing through! Help!

Thank you, Ariel"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our first contestant!

Our first brave soul is Lisa! 
Help a sista out, will ya?
OK, I'll play....  Unfortunately, I just started painting this today so I guess I'm too late with this piece?    Paled down Paris and Old White

But what I'm stumped about is....

1.  The vertical grooves on each front corner rail.  They are Old White inside the grooves.  IDK about this.  I plan to dark wax it but question if it's 'too too' and if I should just grey it out
2.  Would anyone know a good easy trick for painting such grooves in the future?  They are a nightmare for me and turns an easy project into some type of hell.
3.  The bands of Old White on feet.  LOL  Not sure.

This was a puzzle!   Oh Gosh I have a few untouched that I'm stumped over though!    So if 'in progress' pieces count, here's mine.....   I so wanted to post to your FB page today to see if you or anyone knows a trick for painting grooves so I'm all happy right now!
What are YOUR suggestions to Lisa?


In the spirit of sharing
and the fabulous inspiration
that comes from brainstorming...

Tell us what you're stumped on!
That one piece you're itching to start painting
but just can't decide which way to go...

Email me your photo at

and I will upload them to the blog
(can you upload to my blog? 
I should know the answer, but I don't...let's find out!)

Then...the fun begins!

We'll all put in our two cents...
Let the inspiration begin!

Here's mine:

What's the problem, you say?
This bed is FANTASTIC
and I really want to do it justice
Yes, the wood is gorgeous!
In person, it has issues
This is VERY hard for me to paint
because it's so lovely...
(if your vote is "don't paint it" save your breath, it's gonna happen!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

before and afters

Simply put, a collection
of Before and Afters...

Provence and Old White
Clear Wax


Old Ochre, clear, and dark wax


Our custom mixed Peony Pink
(this is our MOST requested color)

These pieces had been chewed on by 
goodness knows what...
all the filigree trim work was damaged
we repaired it by hand, remolding each piece

Paris Grey w dark glaze

(yes, that is a latch-hook rug on the seat!)
 My favorite "after"
Such a dramatic difference!
We used Paris Grey, Pure White,
wax, and Craqueleur


Custom mixed ASCP color


A custom mixed chalk paint color
and stencil 


ASCP in Paris Grey, White, and Arles
I've run out of patience to hunt down 
any more "befores"
as they aren't filed with the "afters"
but I hope you've enjoyed these few pieces!

They've all been transformed with