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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have a super power

Kenny used to call it "mall-dar"
like radar for malls.

Wherever we traveled, I could find a mall
(much to Kenny, Mack, and Keegan's dismay)

It seems my super power also applies to French furniture
(oh happy day!)

Somehow, I can always sniff it out...
A glimpse of a dresser, part of a chair
whatever...if it's French, I WILL find it

For example, my friend Tracey and I were driving down the road
last week...I saw a pick-up full of furniture

Even at 50mph, I KNEW it was French furniture
(I know, amazing, right? Someone call Ripley's!)

We turned around, and sure enough
THIS was in the truck, upside down
with no drawers in it

 along with this beauty

I had to refrain from jumping up and down like an idiot

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with these gorgeous pieces
so I just started painting, figuring it would work itself out

I knew I wanted a greyish beige (more grey than beige) 
so mixed up a variety of colors and ended up w a lovely mid-tone warm grey
It's sort of perfect, don't you think?  

What to highlight with?
As luck would have it, my prize package from
showed up the next morning...Fate, I tell was FATE!

I highlighted the top and some details with a gorgeous pearly white
and then accented that with gilding...
it turned out fabulous!
A little feminine, a little masculine...a lot gorgeous! 

But enough yapping...see for yourselves!

and don't forget about the nightstand!

That hardware...SWOON!

You can find these pieces, and many others, in our ETSY SHOP

Friday, June 14, 2013

Luck comes our way

When it rains, it the saying goes!

In this case, the rain stayed away, but the goodies poured right in

First stop today was the Youth overpriced, that even at half off
it's STILL too much

Onward to one of my favorite haunts
"you still buy that French stuff, don't you?" asked the proprietor
um, YES!

Turns out, he was picking up a dining room set that afternoon and had NO room for it
Did I want to buy it?  
um, YES!

All I knew was that is was French Provincial
and it was made by White Fine Furniture Co (swoon)
and it had a table, two leaves, the pads, six chairs, a hutch, and a server
I bought it sight unseen

Boy, was I a happy girl when THIS showed up at the studio a few hours later!

 (server details)

 (two piece GIANT must be 8ft long!)
the front glass has metal mesh...yum!

 six chairs...four sides and two captains)

Gorgeous table with two leaves and pads
The top is going to be re-stained for sure...the pattern is amazing!

(it even came with the original care and info booklet 
and the leaves are in the original box...
love little details like that; it shows that these items were well cared for)

Then, as we were heading back home, I noticed French Provincial furniture 
(I have French radar, I swear!)
at one of my favorite antique stores...
so we made a u-turn and walked away with THIS

 Solid wood (cherry) with brass hardware!
(yep, it's got 12 that!)

 (how gorgeous is this hardware??)

 and it's got gorgeous details...

 Fabulous cage-front nightstand..
with the same curves as the dresser

 It was hard to capture the shape of these pieces..the sides are serpentine
I've never had pieces like that...they are pretty special

Even the mirror is super feminine and detailed!

I passed up some other pieces that were equally amazing and may still end up
in my hot little hands...
namely, a complete French Provincial Henredon bedroom suite
that closely resembles Drexel's Touraine...
but the budget didn't allow for that today

Sometimes, luck is simply on your side!

Can't wait to get these pretties painted :0)

Thanks for stopping by!

Kenny and Michele