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Monday, January 23, 2012

Farm Fresh

This is the picture that saved the cows...
you see, I didn't love the cows...

I loved the yummy wood interior
and the sturdiness of this piece

The chippy, distressed paint
was pretty fabulous

As was the soft green color

The hardware is all original...
well over 100yrs old

the pull out cutting board...

but the cows...
and the flowers...
well, frankly,
they are not my "thing"

Then, we found that picture
the picture
that must have inspired the piece
the cows and the flowers
took on meaning
and really, this piece is
So, so pretty...
and so the cows,
and the flowers
will be staying...
at least for a little while!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Returning to my first Love...

It's no secret
Paris Grey is my favorite
ASCP color...

Don't get me wrong...
I pretty much love them all...
But Paris Grey, to me, is perfection

It's not too blue
nor too yellow
not too dark
nor too light

It looks great on just about every piece
and works with
or without
dark wax

This dresser had great curves
and a tired wood finish

The heavy distressing keeps it
from being too precious

I didn't dark wax this piece
I kind of like the crispness
countered with the distressing

I could see this
as a buffet
in an entryway
even in a nursery...

The more we "master"
using wax
the happier I am
to have taken the plunge to use it
I know it's not for everyone
but for us, there is nothing that compares

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ochre and Coco

I love these colors together...
Old Ochre and Coco

Rich, warm vanilla
and soft brown...

Pretty French hardware

Very lightly distressed
only on the edges...

Hand waxed but not antiqued...
we wanted to keep it
fresh and crisp

It's a lovely bedroom set
that would fit right into my home...
if I had another bedroom!


I realized last night,
as I finished waxing a French Provincial Dresser
that it was the last one in my inventory
We can't have that!
So I scoured CL
and found this gorgeousness

She's in great shape, except the finish
and good grief,
must weigh close to 175lbs!
I couldn't lift her
and I'm pretty strong!

I love the Bombe shape
and the super chunky hardware
mixed with the delicate design

Oh, and the mirror...
I have plans for this girl...
I contemplated keeping her
and selling my personal dresser
I really love my dresser!

We drove all the way to Zephryhills
which is over an hour away
but I'd say it was a worthwhile trip!

Then, I noticed ANOTHER
French Provincial Dresser!

Bassett, no less...

And a few more mirrors...
the large one in the back is a Cheval mirror
with original beveled glass and pins...
woo hoo

Not bad for our first stop!
Thank goodness,
because our other stops
were fruitless!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

our crush...

It's true...
Stiltskin Studios DOES love ASCP
(Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

We didn't always love ASCP
We, like some, disregarded it based on price

I researched the science
I liked what I learned...
it made sense

I LOATHE sanding...
I realized my time is valuable

I also LOATHE latex and never use it
except for walls
(and latex with grout is STILL latex!)

We exclusively used Milk Paint, which is also pricey
compared to latex

It didn't have great coverage
took forever to dry
and was kinda stinky until it dried
(We still use Milk Paint sometimes)

So the price wasn't a huge jump for me...
plus, we aren't opposed to using
more expensive products
if it makes our pieces
more beautiful and durable
(and our lives a little easier!)

We believe our clients deserve the best
and we work hard to provide that
So chalk paint was worth looking in to...

I went to my local stockist
Robyn Story Designs

I played in the paint
and I say "played"
because it was FUN

We bought paint
We bought wax
We painted
We waxed

We had issues...

Sticky wax
uneven wax
heat rings
water rings...
(notice a theme here?
Wax issues!)

I called my stockist
I listened
I learned
We worked together to find solutions...

We read Annie's books
We learned more...

And we kept at it

Is chalk paint perfect?

It's perfect for us...

ASCP got very popular
very quickly
(or so it seems to me!)

Bloggers raved about it...
"Miracle Paint!"

Is it great paint?
A miracle??
that's a bit of a stretch...
what product can keep up with that kind of hype?

Is there really no prep?
Clearly, if your piece has serious issues
you are going to have to prep...
no paint will magically fix
gouges, peeling veneer, or broken pieces
but for the most part,
no prep is required aside from a good cleaning

Can you set a hot drinks/food on it and not expect problems?
You have to treat the finish as you would any fine finish...
Coasters and trivets are your friends!

Will liquid leave rings?
But they go away.
I know, I didn't believe it either.
Until I saw it.

Will you over-wax the first time you use it?
Live and learn.

Will you be able to purchase every color your heart desires
like at the paint counter?
Mix and's the best part!

I've heard some grumblings about
greasy fingerprints
and issues with durability...
We've not had these issues
since we learned how to properly use
the products
and our clients will confirm...

We've sold hundreds of pieces
done in ASCP

If you are perfectly content with latex paint
this product probably isn't for you

and that's OK...
(I know...everyone raves so much,
you feel like you HAVE to love it,

But I'm passionate about this product
and think it's fabulous!

Are we affiliated with ASCP in any way?
We pay full price just like you...

But I'll shout ASCP's praises from the rooftops
for the simple fact that I think
it's the best.

Are there other Chalk Paints?

Have we used them?

Our experience with ASCP has been very positive
and very personal

We are loyal people
Treat us right
and we stick around

ASCP and the stockists
have always treated us well
and they appreciate our business
Annie Sloan (the person)
is literally an email away

We don't have a DIY blog
and we're not going to
do a tutorial on how
to use ASCP...

but I promise you...
play with it
work with your stockist...
play some more...
have fun with it...

And you'll never be satisfied with latex again!

I used to wonder...
Who the heck spends $35/litre
on paint?

Now I know...
people just like me :0)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seaside Stripes

I started working on this darling dresser
before the holidays

I wasn't sure where
I wanted to go with it
so I kept starting, then walking away
in favor of other projects

It all just sort of came together
and I'm loving the outcome!

Keegan kept me company
while I was waxing this piece
this is his creation!

I think this piece
has a very coastal
beachy vibe

Would be a fabulous pop of color
in a neutral room
(I'm thinking slouchy baskets, white slipcovers...)

Although it would clearly work in a bedroom
I'm enjoying the idea of using it for storage
in the bath
in a hall or entry way

Perhaps a child's room?

In any event, I hope you love it as much as I do
I custom mixed this luscious blue
it's deep and rich
without being overly formal
The freehand stripes aren't perfect
and are slightly random
like your favorite beach towel
or a faded cabana...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Everything looks great in B&W...

Ken and I are vendors in a lovely
shop called
Summer House Marketplace

We love it so much,
we just requested more space...

It's very charming
and we're ridiculously excited
the store is now open 7 days a week!

We were able to spend some time Sunday
revamping our space...

Being the genius that I am
I forgot my camera
and had to rely on my phone
and poor lighting

(hence the B&W...everything looks good in B&W!)

On another note,
Our business is going so well...
it was time to make some changes...
These changes would be easy
I didn't LOVE my "day" job
I didn't have plans
to go back to school
for a few more classes

But I do. Love my job. Have plans for school.

I couldn't keep up with
the demand for our furniture
the website
and this blog
while still maintaining
a somewhat normal household
and parenting two boys

Something had to give (at least a little)
So my boss graciously agreed to let me
work part-time for the time-being...

This is a GREAT thing...
that will hopefully lead to more great things!

So watch for
more posts
more furniture
and more sanity!

My mantra this year is
"Be Fearless"

I'll let you know how that works out :0)