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Monday, October 13, 2014

Whitewashed Grey Dresser

I was down with Strep Throat for almost TWO WEEKS...
I'm not sure what was worse...the Strep or not painting!
(OK, Strep was the hands down worst of the two...)

I was incredibly eager to get back to work

This dresser had been awaiting paint for several weeks
and I'm quite pleased with the outcome

The wood was pretty enough, but sort of orange and quite dated
I debated on going very fancy with colored panels and gold leaf details
but I've been craving softness and gentle distressing lately

For this soft, romantic finish I mixed 
AHaH's Luxe Grey One Step Paint (OSP)
 with Black OSP
(3/1 ratio)
Then I glazed the paint using White Glaze from General Finishes
The white slightly lightened the grey, 
settling into the recesses and brush strokes

You could use a glaze, like I did, or a white wax,
 or even a watered down white wash
all would give you a similar look
I like to use what I have on hand, and I had glaze

I lightly distressed the edges while the glaze was still a bit damp
then sealed the entire piece with clear wax once dry

The hardware was painted Ballet White OSP
then waxed and finished with Dust of Ages for a lovely patina

Wouldn't this piece make a wonderful bathroom vanity?  

Available at 607 Vintage MarketPlace

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  1. Beautiful! I really love whitewashing.

  2. gorgeous piece! the color really brings out the design of the dresser!