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Monday, February 18, 2013

Easily Distracted by Bright Colors and Shiny Objects

Does this ever happen to you?

You're walking around HomeGoods
and you spot a pillow, or a lamp, or a rug...
something that sparks an idea

Soon, you're designing a whole room around this piece
except, it matches NOTHING in your house
and would involve a complete over-haul

I'm craving color in my life!

So I go home, empty handed, to ponder
But when I get home, I realize I really love my rooms
Yep, they are neutral and soft
but it's soothing

and so, I do nothing...
until it happens again...and again. 

Clearly, I'm drawn to color!

Today, I stopped in to a little shop to check out rugs for a client
and there, on the rug rack, ON SALE, was this:

Too bad it's got that yellow on it, I said to myself
The design is gorgeous, the grey is wonderful, 
it even has the creamy white I want

I kept looking at rugs, and then I found this one:

It's pretty, but I don't love the black...
I kept going back to the yellow and grey one

Which of course, got me thinking!

Why not? My living room walls are pale grey, 
my couch, chair, and ottoman are cream
everything else is either grey, cream, white, or wood

Some hits of yellow might be a refreshing change!

I can visualize a few new pillows with yellow in them
added to my already-too-many existing collection

 I especially LOVE this idea...
I'd trade the burlap for softer linen
but it's cute and whimsical and perfect

 I do love Cherry Blossoms

Maybe a bit of yellow here or there
by way of fresh flowers

I'm even pondering repainting this piece yellow!

Crazy or Genius?  
That remains to be seen, I guess!


  1. Love that color combo! And that pillow above the "sunshine" pillow...LOVE>
    Absolutely paint the buffet yellow. Not pale yellow, but a in-your-face-yellow! It so brightens up a space and makes you happy!

    1. Yeah, I'm not a pale, soft yellow kind of girl! thanks for the input!

  2. love it all, but I am a fan of yellows and greys.... even though .... its all boring whites and light greys at my abode!

    1. Nothing boring about grey and white...sounds like my house! I do love it, it's very serene and relaxing (when the kids don't have a houseful of friends over!) but I do LOVE color. The more vibrant, the better...

  3. I love yellow! I have one large yellow glass vase in my home, nothing else, but i won't get rid of it for the world!!!!

    1. I think I'm going to "sit" on it for another day or so just to be sure. I mean, it was just two weeks ago that I was ready to redo the whole house to work with some cool embroidered pillows I found from

  4. Let the sunshine in~! It's pretty much accents and paint....subject to change again. Luv it~!! Happy Daze :)

    1. Right? Seems like a really simple change. Minimal time, energy, and expense but maximum impact. Really, the only commitment is painting the media center yellow...

  5. Personally I am not a yellow-kind of person, but I like it in interiors with grey and a touch of black. And I'd choose the bright yellow. Also, I like yellow in accent pillows...

  6. Where can I get the grey, yellow and white rug?