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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Successful Day Shopping

My "big" plan for today was to go to some sourcing on my own
(sourcing = pickin'...I just hate that word)

while Kenny finished spraying two dressers that are getting a lacquered finish

The weather had other plans, however, and the humidity was crazy high

The painting got put on hold, and we both took off to shop..
(which is great, because it also means lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant)

Here's what we found:
(and a few other pieces I'm not sharing yet!)

A pair of crushed velvet Tangerine tufted heaboards (twin size)
Not sure if I'm going to recover or just steam clean
The velvet is in great shape and I sort of dig the color
I can picture it in a girls room, paired with cranberry or aqua

This King size caned French Provincial headboard
( I see a rich, glossy color in it's future!)

This gorgeous pair of nightstands with great details
solid, heavy wood

(drum roll please....)

The gorgeous matching dresser!

Beautiful, right?  

Looking forward to painting these pieces!

What color/colors would YOU paint this dresser and nightstands?


  1. Chartreuse!!! I think they would look amazing.

    1. Chartreuse! I love it! I just pinned a bombe chest that was painted acid was gorgeous. It's a fine line between tacky and hip...gotta find JUST the right shade.

  2. awesome! It's true haven't seen you put much painting up here in a while, but really sweet!
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  3. Do love the tangerine headboards. We have an old wool Persian carpet with mian colours of oranges, rusts and a deep bright blue. It inspired us to do a room in those colours and it has a bohemian vibe. Those hadboards would look amazing in a Boho room! Love the nightstands too, and to show off their elegence would do them in shades of grey picked out with a bronze gilt cream. Minerva ~