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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Common Sense

It's no secret...
we paint furniture

Now, we also appreciate furniture...
all styles from all eras

We appreciate the craftsmanship
the details, the wood...all of it

We exercise good judgement when selecting a piece to paint
Pristine Tiger Oak?
Not getting painted.
Marquetry or inlays that can be saved?
Not getting painted.
A tabletop that can be salvaged?
Not getting painted.

We intentionally seek out the damaged, distressed, troubled furniture...
you know, the stuff stumbling down the road to ruin 
or perhaps gasping it's last breath

We're not painting fine, precious antiques here, folks. 

So, you see, it annoys me to NO end
when people comment about how we should NOT paint this or that

How do YOU know we shouldn't?
Are you looking at the damage? 
Do you see the chipping, peeling veneer?
You're just looking at a snapshot

 The quick snapshot you see doesn't show all the details...

I've been told more than once that we are "ruining" antiques...
no sweetie, we aren't! 

The person that allowed it to arrive at it's current "before" state ruined it
We are giving it CPR!

We take SUCH good care of each piece...
we sand and restain inside every drawer
clean them up till they sparkle
then lovingly apply a gorgeous finish befitting of the pieces' history 

And here is the part that I REALLY don't understand...
It's just paint!
It comes off!
The wood is still there!!  

So if you are a wood lover
(we do love beautiful wood!)
think before you speak
and know that, at least in our studio,
nothing precious or with great provenance
is getting painted 

Give us some credit, will ya??



  1. Even if you did paint over wood, you are bringing LIFE back to these pieces, life and character and STYLE!! Keep on doing what you're doing, your furniture is amazing and don't let the naysayers boil you!!!

  2. thank you...I used to refinish wood furniture and now I paint it, so I KNOW the difficulty of covering up good wood...HONESTLY if it was that great it wouldn't have ended up in the junk pile for me to pick through in the first place!

  3. Love it, we'll said. Drives me insane when you find a piece almost falling apart and then people say you've ruined when you've spent hours restoring it first! Pay no attention to the naysayers, your work is beautiful xx

  4. I look at it this way: Its yours you can do with it what you want. What the hell. If you like it, buy it if not keep on walking cowgirl.

  5. I like what Scat said! Your painted pieces are works of art. Always an inspiration to me. Keep painting :-)

  6. Can I just shout AMEN!!! I had a piece at a recent show, that was in horrible shape when we got it. I painted it with several techniques and layers and it was beautiful. I would bet that 100's of people walked by it and touched and remarked at how beautiful it was, many stood there trying to find a spot in their home for it. Finally, one woman walks up, she is looking at it, i suanter up with a smile, surely she must love it just like 100's before her. Nope, hands on hips, she said, 'how could you do that to that dresser??!!' Huh??? I was stunned. I started to defend myself . . . you should have seen it before . . . she went on and on about how i ruined it. Don't worry, I kept my witness and didn't slap her ;-) But, man, was I frustrated! So, I hear ya!

  7. He'll ya sister!!! That's right just what she said!!!! I completely agree! :-)

  8. Love this! I've definitely been having the same problem lately. I actually had a "Paint! Oh God No!" on my page. I simple responded with"Why wouldn't I? I do paint furniture for a living you know?" I don't understand if it WAS in good shape...where can you find anything but, MDF these days to customize for our needs these days? They have no idea how difficult and time consuming just repairing a drawer can be. Thank you for posting. It helps so much to vent through and with anyone that knows just how you feel!

    1. why do people that are anti-paint follow my page? I don't understand...I paint furniture for a living! Chances are really good, no matter what you say, I'm going to paint it :0)

  9. Perfect!!!! While recently looking for vendor space at an antique mall, the manager told me that their clients are looking for pieces which are original. She went on to say that painting furniture devalues the piece. Graciously, I thanked her for her time and moved on to rent my very own studio!!! Now I have room to paint my furniture and display!! Wish me luck....

    1. good for you, and much luck with your endeavor! I LOVE our studio...and I hardly think it devalues a junk shop dresser that is missing half it's veneer if you paint

  10. The people who have the nerve to say anything about you painting furniture need to go find the people who ruin the pieces in the first place and complain to them! I just got a gorgeous oak antique dresser that was used as a stand for a fish tank! Not only did they nail a frame of molding on the top an ruin it with at least 25 nails, but they hacked off all the legs! Or how about the people who store beautiful antiques OUTSIDE???
    You are giving the pieces the respect they deserve by bringing them back to life after someone else did the damage. And you are doing it at the highest standards possible!
    Just know for every compliant you get I am sure there are 10 times more people who love what you did!

  11. An article on wood prep for painting wood would be helpful for those of us who are new.... Enjoy receiving your emails!

  12. I get this sometimes from people as well. I agree with everyone else who has posted- a painted piece of furniture that is loved is far better off than an unpainted piece of furniture that ends up in disrepair in some damp basement. Also, my day job is working for a high end antiques dealer (we're talking 18th century highboys etc). Painting 18th and early 19th century furniture is bad bad bad- but the stuff that most of us as furniture refinishers are working on was made at the end of the 19th through the late 20th century. It was mass produced, it was never meant to be "fine" furniture. For every piece that we paint, there are ten more out there that are unpainted. So paint away and ignore the haters. :)

  13. Clap Clap Clap i am giving you a standing ovation here!!!! I am so sick of people saying the same thing to me. I love wood, I love antiques,I would never ruin furniture. but like you these things come to me trashed. We give them new life, they are no longer in the back of someone's garage or basement. They are now the vocal point of a room. And like you said its paint, it comes off. I use Anne Sloan Chalkpaint it comes off with water for gosh sakes.
    love love love your post, well said Clap Clap Clap , hugs Tobey

  14. Standing ovation here too! I have just started dabling in the painting of furniture that otherwise would wind up in a landfill or a bonfire! Where's your love for wood then! Amen! Best post ever!

    1. right? I want to tell them "great, so you'll be buying it all as-is, then?"

  15. AMEN! Tell them like it is! I always hate when people say that! We work hard to make it better! When you said you were giving it CPR I wanted to shout “CLEAR!” Haha!

  16. As we say here in Memphis, "Preach it, Sister!" You're so right - it's only paint, but I sure do love HOW you paint. What an inspiration!

  17. How did I miss this? Good God, woman. I love it. <3

    1. Keegan came with me to get a desk last night. In the car on the way home, I asked him what color I should paint it. Know what he said? "I don't think you should paint it. It's nice and the wood would look really great in an all white room." Who's kid is this????

  18. You worded that perfectly ! Nearly as perfect as your paint jobs. Love your work.

  19. Great post! Just read it as you referenced it again after Marcotte's got blasted for the "to paint or not to paint" fb post. It's amazing the opinions that people are willing to share when they aren't taking out their wallets to "save that wonderful antique from paint ruin". I paint furniture too, and as many of your commenters have said, that antique is probably hiding in someones musty garage not being appreciated the way it would be if painted and pretty :)