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Friday, May 4, 2012

Time Flies

I am pleased to announce
that I avoided FACEBOOK
nearly all day...

and I didn't really miss anything!


Not to say that wonderful things 
were not posted...
just nothing urgent
no "breaking news"
pertaining to me

I figure if I really need to know
someone will tell me
Usually, when I'm painting at our home studio
I find myself wandering in as paint dries
 to check FB
and you know what happens next, right??
Time magically jumps forward
sometimes by HOURS!
But now, I'm at the studio
without my computer
(by choice)

I even stopped looking at my phone!

The amount of work I got done is AMAZING
I mean, seriously amazing...

So it looks like FB will have to do without my company
a bit more frequently :0)

I'm certain it's a good thing, right Martha?

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