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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Colette Dining Set

Something finally possessed me...
and I decided to get moving
on this HUGE dining set

I don't love painting chairs
I don't love stripping table tops
(especially painted ones!)

But in the end, it's always worth it!

Light-to-moderate distressing
gives this set a time-loved look

Big deal, you say...
doesn't look so HUGE to me...

Yeah, well...

Does it look HUGE now?

That's has THREE leaves!

And a buffet!

Did I mention it also has a CHINA HUTCH
that isn't *quite* finished?

I'm typically NOT a huge fan of stencils...
changed my mind!

For this project, I used their 

If you've used their products before
you know they are fabulous

This is our fifth project 
with Royal Design Studio Stencils
and I've yet to be disappointed! 

Super cool designs
(nothing frumpy or boring here!)
and they are much more durable
 than stencils I've used in the past

I also LOVE how they make it so 
easy to do repeating patterns
by incorporating little "markers"
to help you on your way

The stencil portion of this project
was a breeze, and it saved me
from having to strip the leaves

I think the shot of color and pattern
helps break up what 
expanse of table!

Would you love to try a Royal Design Studio stencil?


Want to purchase this set?

You can find it in our Etsy Shop

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