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Monday, February 27, 2012

Worth the Effort...

This pair of end tables...
we call them The Twins...
Good Grief did they give me trouble!

They had another paint job
prior to settling on this one..
it was "OK' but I didn't love it
and I need to love it
in order to sell it

We opted for Old Ochre
(one of my favorite ASCP colors)
Simple, old-world, and elegant
with a dark glaze
to highlight each paint stroke
curve, and imperfection

Pretty French original hardware

We sanded the top back down to raw wood
and decided to stencil the top
with a lovely French Poem

Let's just say I had "issues" with the stenciling...
stenciling over a painted surface is so easy...
if you have a little bit of bleeding, you can touch it up
Stenciling on wood means
you can't easily touch up your errors
It took three tries
but so worth it!

We painted the inside of the drawers
Duck Egg Blue
(they were clean, but we thought a shot of color would be nice!)

I'm REALLY happy with the outcome
and was already scheming on where to put these
in my living room...

I know I can't keep everything,
so hopefully these will sell quickly
and won't end up flanking my sofa...
(We need to paint things that DON'T match our house!)


  1. Oh my gosh... they are fabulous... they will sell in a minute I am sure!

  2. Hi Robyn! Thanks! I really love them...I think I'm going to do a dining table top next! Tell Lori I got the stencils CLEAN! lol

  3. When you say 'glaze' what are you meaning? Are you making a glaze with dark wax and an additive...very curious. I noticed in one of Annie's books, she does make a type of glaze using her dark wax.
    These are so lovely!!! All you pieces are stellar.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  4. Hi Janet,


    Yes, dark wax mixed with mineral spirits. Annie suggests a 50/50 mix, but I prefer the consistency stay thicker, so I use more wax than spirits. I find it's easier to control and works nicely on light colors...

  5. LOVE how the top turned out. Stencil is fabulous, I am scared of the script ones! Sweet pair, They will be gone!~

  6. What type of stencil did you use? Was it a hardcopy or did you have to draw it on their.... I just love this idea.........

  7. How much are you pricing them for?