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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Work in Progress....


Yes, this is the before...
a fabulous vanity
missing all it's knobs
and sporting a lovely latex paint job


Someone asked me
why I don't paint over latex
so I thought I'd explain...
your paint finish is only
as durable as whatever
is underneath it

Latex will eventually peel...
sooner than later if the painter
used low quality paint
or didn't properly prep the surface...

I don't see the point in doing a beautiful
chalk or milk paint finish
over a crappy paint job...
because when the latex peels,
whatever is on top will peel, too...

To me, it's sorta like
building a new house
on a sinkhole...
it may be fine today
but it's only a matter of time
before it all goes horribly wrong!


The latex also had some custom work...
glitter glue, marker, pink nail polish...
a little girl surely loved this vanity!


Here is the vanity in process...
for the record,
stripping furniture
it's smelly, it burns, and it's messy
very messy!


Here's the finished "stripped" surface
after stripping and sanding smooth

Underneath the latex was the original
lacquered finish
and below that, a heavy duty grey primer
that did NOT want to let go


The details, as well as the lip
needed to be stripped,
then brushed clean


But the final result
means that when I apply
my paint finish of choice
it will have the best possible foundation

(bare naked and ready for paint!)

It's a bit hard to tell,
but this piece is now back to raw wood

I've passed up many great pieces of furniture
that were painted in latex
because I hate stripping them...
but this piece was so lovely...

It took me a SOLID
8 hours to complete this...

and I won't be doing it again any time soon!


  1. And I was complaining about stripping just a top!! Bless your heart...your tough!

  2. If I'm going to put our name on it and send it out in the world, I want to know it's the best I could do! I'm hardcore! lol