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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lacquer Love

We've been wanting to try
Annie Sloan's new Lacquer

I'm interested to see
how it holds up
not only on floors,
but also
on cabinets,
and table tops!

We're in the process of putting down wood flooring
throughout our house,
and the dining room is currently waiting it's turn
it's bare concrete now
a perfect spot to test the lacquer!

I didn't want to do an elaborate design
or use up a lot of paint
because I knew it would be covered up
with wood shortly

I decided to just do a random bit
in a high traffic walkway...

nothing fancy, but it serves it's purpose!
I like the idea
that my little
will be hiding beneath
the floor
for someone else to find

We did this last week...
I free-handed LOVE (clearly!)
and allowed it to dry

I don't think I allowed it to dry thoroughly, however
because I as I applied the lacquer
some paint came off
(note to self...learn to be patient!)

I used one coat of lacquer
(Annie suggests two for high traffic
but I never follow directions)
and allowed to dry overnight
before allowing anyone to even walk past it

It's been suggested that bare concrete
should be sealed first
because it will soak up your paint
I didn't do that
(big surprise)

This concrete was fairly smooth
but perhaps if you are using
this on very porous
concrete you will want to seal first

So far, it's held up perfectly
There is a slight sheen
which I think is kind of nice

Based on my experience so far,
I'm completely confident enough
in the durability
to use it on a tabletop
(for a set I'm working on now)

Stay tuned!


  1. oh, and I didn't use a roller, just a foam brush...worked fine.

  2. Great experiment, will be interested to see how it is on tabletops. I have used the paint and clear wax on my kitchen table and so far so good but it is early days!