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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lifelong Love Affair

I've been sick all week
so please forgive my absence!

Isn't the finish on this dresser wonderful?

When my husband brought it home
I had plans for it
this was NOT the plan!

The outer paint was brown latex (see last pic)
so as we began to strip it away
we discovered layer after layer
of old paint

Someone had a lifelong love affair
with this dresser
painting it at least five times
The colors are fantastic
and there was NO WAY
I was going to cover them up!

This is how the dresser looked "before"
That's not wood, it's faux paint.
We stripped it all away,
roughed up the layers
to reveal what lay beneath
then waxed and buffed
till the surface felt like velvet

I hope it's long-term owner
would approve!


  1. What else can you say... that is awesome... I love the way you finished it and preserved it's history. :)

  2. I LOVE, ADORE, and IN AWE of this dresser! I really can't convey how much I love it. I found you on Pinterest and I am now following your blog. Your work is amazing.
    I paint furniture on the side and I am very inspired by what you do!