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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Next up for Paint...

I visited this armoire and bed many, many times...
for several weeks, as it were

I want to keep it, but have nowhere for it
I'm sure some day I will deeply
regret not keeping it...

They were originally priced at $2500 each
I could have them both for $2500...
Still out of my budget.
I waited.
and waited.
finally, he just wanted them gone...
and he had rent due the next day
I won't tell you what I paid, because it's a CRIME!

Solid Bird's Eye Maple
(yes, I am still painting it!)
c. late 1800's

The glass is original, beveled,
and super heavy!

My plan, since the moment I laid eyes on it,
has been Paris Grey with Old White
and dark wax

but I can totally picture it in Pure, too

What colors do you hear it saying to you??


  1. :) I hear it saying - please leave me alone and love me just the way I am. The man who made me was very proud of his work making me pretty and both he and I would like to not be covered in paint but allow my glow to shine :)

  2. hmmm...funny, I don't hear that AT

    ASCP will def make this shine even brighter, I swear! There are pieces I would NEVER paint, but this old girl needs it...sad but true.