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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mount Vernon

We had a day to ourselves while in DC
and decided to forgo the usual sights
(Capitol Bldg, White House, etc)
and went to Mount Vernon
Home and final resting place of
George and Martha Washington

This is the old tomb...
a new one was built per GW's will
but I thought it was
disrespectful to photograph,
as people were doing some sort of tribute
while we were there.

The outhouse ;0)

Such a grand estate
It's amazing to think that it was falling into ruin
and parcels were sold off for development
before it was purchased and
restored by a civic group
mostly funded (surprisingly)
by Ford Motors
Who Knew?

We dined at the Mount Vernon Inn,
and it was lovely
Dimly lit, raining outside...
you could just imagine
what it was like
way back when

We had Hoe Cakes,
Peanut Chestnut Soup,
Lobster Mac n Cheese...yum.

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  1. That looks like SO much fun,especially dining at the Mount Vernon Inn!!!