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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cranky, Crotchety, and Just plain Mean

I know the CRANKIEST woman on earth...
OK, perhaps I exaggerate,
but she is certainly in the running...

You know, those people that hate children and animals...
well, that's her!

Thankfully, I rarely have to see this woman
much less interact with her

She's a vendor.
I am a vendor.
I smile at her.
She scowls at me.
actually, she scowls at everyone...
lest I think I am special...

My youngest son had a "run in" with her on Saturday
I found myself making excuses
for her behavior

"Maybe she is having a bad day (or a bad year!)"
"Maybe something awful happened to her"
"Maybe she is sick"

Then, I realized, there really is NO excuse for such behavior
It's inexcusable on a regular basis...

You can chose to scowl
and mutter nasty things
under your breath
and bring all your negative energy with you
wherever you go


You can return the smile
and say something nice
and bring some positive energy with you
wherever you go!

I'll stick with the latter...

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