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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

607 Vintage MarketPlace Preview

We've been diligently working on our new vendor space at

It's coming together EXACTLY like I envisioned...
I couldn't be happier!

We still have a few days worth of work to do
(painting, know how it goes!)
but I wanted to share a glimpse with you!

 Hardware going on tomorrow...
and how cool is that arrow?  

 I'm still SWOONING over our washed pallet wall!
(and how about those adorable growth charts on the left?)

 This mirror is already getting tons of attention...I don't expect it will last too long!

 Silver leaf nightstand...awaiting antique wax (tomorrow!)

 custom lighting

We didn't want our new retail space to just be a 
duplicate of our store

Because this space is smaller, we were able to really edit our look
It's sort of beach house meets farmhouse meets chateau...
but somehow, it all really works

We certainly hope you'll pass us a visit!

607 Vintage Marketplace opens on Friday, 8/15

See you then! 


  1. i am dying over here michele, this is soooo over the top stunning. (i expect to bring my jaw back in place sometime today)

  2. your space looks fabulous! I wish I were closer, I'm such a fan of yours!