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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seaside Lacquer

In typical fashion, I did NOT get a decent "before" photo!

You can pretty much imagine where this piece started, right?

It's come quite a long way, baby!

 and of course, the fabulous hardware!

This is a new product for us, and we're smitten!

It is called High Performance Lacquer Spray
and it retails for $18/can

The color is Seaside, but it's available in a virtual rainbow of hues

We've tackled smaller projects with this product
but we were hesitant to do a large piece

Typically, spray paint isn't well suited for large, flat areas
(like the sides and top of this dresser)

We also worried it would take 6 or 7 cans to finish it...

So here is the run-down:

We cleaned this piece with Simple Green to remove any residue

We gently sanded the surface and wiped clean
(literally, we're talking a ten minute sanding job...nothing major!)

The trick to spray paint is to keep your flow level and even
overlapping a bit as you go

Make one pass, then STOP spraying
Begin spraying again and repeat the process

Dry time was super fast
(we are used to 24hrs between coats...this was more like 24 minutes!)

As you can see, the coverage is wonderful

We did three coats on this dresser
and used three cans of Seaside Lacquer

We hope we've inspired you to try something new!
We're sure glad we did...

Kenny and Michele

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  1. The dresser looks gorgeous! Fabulous color, stunning :)