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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have a super power

Kenny used to call it "mall-dar"
like radar for malls.

Wherever we traveled, I could find a mall
(much to Kenny, Mack, and Keegan's dismay)

It seems my super power also applies to French furniture
(oh happy day!)

Somehow, I can always sniff it out...
A glimpse of a dresser, part of a chair
whatever...if it's French, I WILL find it

For example, my friend Tracey and I were driving down the road
last week...I saw a pick-up full of furniture

Even at 50mph, I KNEW it was French furniture
(I know, amazing, right? Someone call Ripley's!)

We turned around, and sure enough
THIS was in the truck, upside down
with no drawers in it

 along with this beauty

I had to refrain from jumping up and down like an idiot

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with these gorgeous pieces
so I just started painting, figuring it would work itself out

I knew I wanted a greyish beige (more grey than beige) 
so mixed up a variety of colors and ended up w a lovely mid-tone warm grey
It's sort of perfect, don't you think?  

What to highlight with?
As luck would have it, my prize package from
showed up the next morning...Fate, I tell was FATE!

I highlighted the top and some details with a gorgeous pearly white
and then accented that with gilding...
it turned out fabulous!
A little feminine, a little masculine...a lot gorgeous! 

But enough yapping...see for yourselves!

and don't forget about the nightstand!

That hardware...SWOON!

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  1. Beautiful! What on earth is the 'gold' color? I have been trying to find a more 'brassy' gold and have looking in vain. Thanks

    1. it's gilding paste from France. I believe most Annie Sloan Paint stockists carry it. I seal it and then glaze over it for that warmth you are seeing :0) and THANKS!

  2. Amazing! I would love to be able to find half the French you find. Beautiful as always!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Love Henredon! I've been craving this set:
    and this secretary: