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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stonewall Jackson aka The General

Remember this cute server?

It was very unusual, and we considered keeping it...

which would mean my current server had to go...
I'm a bit attached to it, so I opted to keep it
and let this one go

We didn't have much of a plan in mind for this piece
until we received a parcel from Maison Blanche
full of products for us to try!

Inside, Wrought Iron and Hurricane sparked our imagination

We mixed the two colors to create a rich gunmetal grey
We were calling it Confederate Grey,
then realized Maison Blanche has a color called Confederate Grey!
We dubbed this piece Stonewall Jackson, aka "The General"

Call it whatever you'd's a gorgeous shade!

Outside, the color read a touch deeper, 
but doesn't it remind you of a Confederate General's Uniform?

The gilding perfects contrasts with the more rustic look 
of the cracked and textured white areas

We adore how this piece turned out...
a perfect balance of masculine and feminine
rustic and elegant
dark and light

The size makes it ideal for a buffet, media center, changing many options!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kenny and Michele


  1. Love the color. Do you spray your furniture and then finish them by hand?

    1. thank you, Helen. We only spray if we are doing a high gloss or lacquered finish (with a spray gun). All other pieces are done by hand.

  2. Oh, my God!~ I am loving this piece, you really brought it to life!! You are really tallented!!
    Ozana (House@heart)

  3. This piece is stunning your work is amazimg