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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why? Because.

So much work 
(and love)
goes into each of our pieces...
and I don't mean "love" in a cheesy way...
more like appreciation for the piece,
respect for it's history...
that sort of "love"

We had a customer order recently.
Before the client made up her mind,
she told me someone else would paint a similar set for her
for half the price

Which made me realize that the general population
(those that have never worked w furniture or paint before)
probably don't understand how a thrift store dresser
can end up costing nearly $800 or more

Our drawers?

They are spotless.
and I mean SPOTLESS.

We actually strip the inside of the drawers, and then re-stain them
so they arrive fresh and clean, just like new

We strip the majority of our pieces down to bare wood
(always, if the existing finish is latex or in really poor condition)

Ever stripped wood? It ain't pretty, and it ain't quick!

All the drawers are planed if needed, and waxed to ensure they operate smoothly

When using a spray gun
(which we use for lacquered or high gloss finishes)
we tape off the drawers so there is no over-spray

Piece not getting distressed?
Then it gets a base coat to ensure the paint 
stays where it should for years to come

(These gorgeous Widdicomb nightstands are now sporting 
high gloss lacquered white paint and will soon have gorgeous
gilded cherry blossoms...promise we will share once they are done!)

Our reply to the client that wanted pieces for half the cost?

We don't cut corners. We don't work on cheap furniture
 (cheap and inexpensive aren't the same, right?)
We enjoy the craftsmanship evident in a fine piece of vintage or antique furniture
Who wants to put time, energy, and expensive products on to junk?? 
Not us 

Our pieces are meant to be heirlooms...
not disposable junk that will look cute for a few months
before the paint starts to peel off and the drawer glides break!

Are we bragging a bit? Yep. 
But that's just because we're proud of the product we put out into the world
and we want everyone that works as hard as we do to know
they aren't the only ones that  "get it"!  

Go on and get your paint on! 



  1. So well said! Sadly, some people just don't appreciate the difference or appreciate true craftsmanship. I totally get it :-)

  2. Bravo!!!
    I've never seen your pieces in person but your photos speak themselves.
    They are work of art which will last long, long time:)
    Can I come work as an apprentice?lol

    Please keep up the great work!!

  3. Yes & amen! I also agree with the above comment by Sayuri!

  4. Yes, I'd like to apply for the apprenticeship as well! :)