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Friday, April 5, 2013

My Morning Entertainment...

 Yes, I know...I am easily amused!

We all know there are some, um, "challenging" people on Craigslist...and here is the story of one!

I found this vanity last night. Nice enough, but all the original hardware is missing, and they've made new holes for single knobs...and the finish is in bad shape. Of course, this means patching the holes, finding new handles with the right spread, and stripping off the finish before painting. We're up for the challenge.  The asking price was $150. Not awful, but a bit high considering the hardware is gone. I sent what I thought was a nice email:

 Hi there,

I'm interested in your vanity.  Are you negotiable on price at all?  Also, could we come tomorrow to have a look and pick up if it works out?
You can reply to this email or text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx
Thanks so much, I appreciate your time!


It's polite and pleasant, right?  Here is the response


Yep, just "NO". Not "I'm firm on price and busy tomorrow, but I'd be happy to show it to you on Saturday"....just, "NO". 

So that gave us a good laugh this morning.  Kenny said "let me see this vanity" so I went to the link. Clearly, no one else thought $150 was a good price, either, because this is now what the listing says:

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL SAYING THAT YOU WILL PAY 100 CASH. I have had this table appraised.

Oh, and the price went up to $175...I want to email and ask for a copy of the appraisal ;0) 

What's your best Craigslist story?  We have so many, it's hard to choose!


  1. Oh my goodness. People can be AWFUL. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but probably the one that turned me off the most was a person who had a pretty old cool nightstand listed for $20, said it was grandmas and to text her at a certain number. Since the nightstand was 65 miles away and a lot of people work in the bigger town between the two we both lived in, I texted:
    "Hi, I am interested in your nightstand. By any chance could you come to Champaign for a meet up on it? Thanks!"

    And I got back, "No way. Come to Danville if you want it."

    I might have even be willing, but with that response, forget it.

    1. Nice! There was a set of gorgeous French chairs I wanted...but the "nice" photo was obviously a stock photo, and the snapshot of part of the chairs for sale was totally different. The stock photo was of high end, refinished chairs, and the actual photo looked like 1970's in need of lots of love. I emailed, asking for a clear photo of the ACTUAL chairs that were for sale. The reply? "I am very busy. If you want them, come buy them". Um, yeah...THANKS! Jerk.

  2. I had a good one from the perspective of being a seller. I had my queen-size bed for sale. It definitely had seen better days, but it was the headboard, footboard, and rails made of solid wood. I had it listed for $65. Someone emailed me and asked " Would you take $15?". I guess they haven't had much experience haggling, huh?

  3. I am always amazed at what some people think their stuff is worth. Truly, something is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it--despite whatever the "appraisal" says it is worth. I also love it when people later RAISE their price when an item doesn't sell. Makes terrific sense. :0'

  4. Hi had 30 tea cups for sale, a lady emailed and wanted individual pics. I had posted a clear pic of the whole set. But I sent her individual pics to keep her happy. She made an appt to see them and then didn't show up. no phone call nothing. I emailed her to see if she was still interested and she emailed back and set up another appt and again she did not show. Each time I had unpacked all the tea cups and had them spread out on my kitchen table. I emailed her and told her I did not appreciate being stood up not once but twice. She emailed me back a nasty email, saying I am sorry you have nothing better to do but sit around and wait for me to come buy some stupid tea cups, she went on to state that she works 3 jobs etc. and told me to sell the stupid things she was no longer interested. I was furious, I sent her an email back stating that I buy and sell online all the time and that I would never treat anyone the way she treated me. And that if she was that busy she shouldn't make appts to buy things from people. I continue to post things for sale online and this person has emailed me again on a few items, not knowing that I am the same person. I can not believe her nerve. I just ignore her responses to my ad.