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Monday, December 10, 2012

Red Velvet Make-Over

Remember this dresser?

 Sad, sad, sad...

Someone had tried to spray paint her red...
it didn't work out so well!

Well have a look at her now!

We repainted her in Annie Sloan's Emp Silk Chalk Paint
with lots and lots of dark wax to make the red rich and dramatic

see that gorgeous gilding along the raised trim?
Yeah...that was NOT fun to do...
but it really makes the dresser, don't you think?

 We had to use clear wax on the white areas,
 but not on the gold or red areas...
that was also not the most fun thing ever!
But so worth it

We gilded the bottom edge and the shell detail on the legs,
but it started raining on us, so no pics today!

Even the hardware got a make-over!

It's hard to believe it's the same dresser, isn't it?

We're finishing up a mirror to accent this gorgeous dresser...
but all the moisture in the air today kept the paint from drying...
watch for that tomorrow!

It's tomorrow, and I finished the mirror!


I can see this piece in so many settings, from elegant to boho chic...
Where would YOU use this piece?


  1. That is gorgeous! Mission accomplished! The red is very rich looking!~Diane

  2. Oh, my!! That is really delicious!! Great job!! And the gold trim really makes the dresser!!

  3. WoW--sooooo beautiful!
    btw--can I say how much I hate captcha!
    won't you pls consider turning it off?!?

  4. Beautiful work! I have a similar piece that i'm going to start working on, did you strip the paint or just paint over it? Do you think if i use primer i would have trouble going over it with the ASCP?

  5. Hey there,
    What type of paint did you use for the gold gilt? I love this piece! And the mirror is gorgeous, love all the carving and detail!

  6. What is the dark stuff that's brushed inside the white carvings?

  7. I could see this entry. Love it.