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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Parisian Can Can Chest

Feeling a bit melancholy today,
so we decided to paint something
 totally fun and whimsical

Inspired by Parisian Can-Can Dancers...

Girly, feminine soft pink 
mixed with sophisticated Paris Grey
add a touch of glam with golden gilding...
It's a bit Moulin Rouge

Recognize this piece? It's the Drexel Touraine Chest!

The mirror also turned out lovely

We really love this piece...
it's the perfect mix of elegance and whimsy

While painting, we imagined this in a nursery
or a young girl's room...

but it would certainly be fabulous in a big girl's boudoir, too!

You can find this item in our ETSY shop


  1. This pink/gray combo is quite lovely. I can't wait to hear who buys this. That's the piece of the puzzle that is typically missing for me.

    Also do you actually sell furniture with ESTY?

    Small House / Big Sky Donna
    White Oak Studio Designs/Hand-Painted Furniture Transformations

    1. I've given up, freed myself if you will, on worrying about who will buy a piece...I just do what I love. I don't paint anything I wouldn't love in my own space, or wouldn't use in a space I designed. Seems to work out alright :0) We sell 90% of our furniture on Etsy. So much, in fact, that we had to give up our retail vendor space. We couldn't keep up!

  2. Beautiful. Whimsical but elegant with the gold legs. I really like this statement piece.

    1. thanks Mel, I really love it also. It's sort of whimsical but elegant. I sort of want to keep it. OK, I an dying to keep it! lol

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, fabulous, adorable, charming, witty, - well let's face it - there are simply not enough adjectives to describe this wonderful piece and your beautiful work!