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Monday, June 18, 2012

Milkin' it

We wanted to show
how milk paint can be used
for a moderate-to-non distressed look

This amazing piece was 
selected for a particular client
We custom mixed the color

The lines and details are simply amazing

As you can see from the photos,
Milk Paint can provide full coverage...

We did use an additive to help it bond
(the piece was wood, but had varnish)
We did not strip or sand the piece

We used Annie Sloan's Craqueleur
over the Milk Paint
and it worked great

Milk paint distresses easily
but requires a bit more effort
if you add the bonding agent

 To complete our "experiment"
we added a touch of gilding wax
to tie in the awesome original hardware

We're thrilled with how this piece turned out...
and equally thrilled to find that 
our favorite products all play nice together!

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Great example of what can be done with ASMP. I LOVE the corner elements. Especially the ball shape in antique white. Masterpiece!