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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


In the spirit of sharing
and the fabulous inspiration
that comes from brainstorming...

Tell us what you're stumped on!
That one piece you're itching to start painting
but just can't decide which way to go...

Email me your photo at

and I will upload them to the blog
(can you upload to my blog? 
I should know the answer, but I don't...let's find out!)

Then...the fun begins!

We'll all put in our two cents...
Let the inspiration begin!

Here's mine:

What's the problem, you say?
This bed is FANTASTIC
and I really want to do it justice
Yes, the wood is gorgeous!
In person, it has issues
This is VERY hard for me to paint
because it's so lovely...
(if your vote is "don't paint it" save your breath, it's gonna happen!)


  1. THAT is STUNNING! I'm jealous. I'd love to paint that!

    1. I have the matching armoire, too...but I'm keeping it for the Gallery at the shop!

  2. Go to page 88 of the current issue of Country French Magazine. That's what I would paint it!

    1. I'll have to dig that out...the "new" issue is a reprint from last year and I def have it here somewhere!

  3. I see a grey with white accents. Dark wax. Maybe highlight with a mix of a yellow/vintage white over those beautiful details. What a pretty piece.

    1. grey and white is my usual "go to" and it always works...I just really want this to be special. I'm actually AFRAID to start painting it!

  4. Oh wow!! I have no clue... I know that doesn't help you any but I had to chime in to say it's beautiful!

  5. Oh dear… I'd be hesitant also. I'd want to preserve that birdseye. Is it 'red' or golden? I love the right shade of golden furniture in a pretty light toned room.. White or Cream bedding. Would be stunning.

    I could also see it totally stripped raw and 'then'….

    IDK, It's exquisite and I think about the craftsman who made it. I would include a photo with it if you sell and hope 75 years in the future, someone knows what's under there.

    Other than that… white/cream LOL

  6. If you insist on painting it I kind of like Lisa's idea of stripping it then maybe....a cerused oak type finish?...or light and chalky?...bright and obnoxious? The sky's the limit.

    1. bright and obnoxious...sounds like some people I know. Except they aren't bright...just loud!

  7. A soft pink would be lovely.