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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fancy Flea and Fried Chicken

My friend Jenni and I hit the road on Friday
for Plant City...Home of Fancy Flea
(and lucky us...also home of Maryland Fried Chicken)

I've avoided going to Fancy Flea the last few years
because it gets SO crowded...
I mean crowded like you can barely walk down the road 
much less actually SEE anything

Because Fancy Flea was a two day event this time,
and day one happened to be Halloween
I figured it wouldn't be too insane

Thankfully, it was not. 

The weather was gorgeous, the crowds were manageable,
and much to my relief, it was NOT a sea of painted furniture
as it has been in the past

There was a lovely assortment of items for sale

See for yourself:

This table made it into the van!

Along with a few dozen of these sweet birdies on salvaged posts

And this clock MIGHT be hanging on my dining room wall  right this very second!

Flatware wind-chimes....

How funky is THIS?  Imagine the salon this dryer chair came out of...! 

Yeah...this is pretty much where I stopped, dropped, and swooned!

Overall, we had a wonderful day
Shopping, chatting with friends, sipping lemonade, 
(there may have been some cupcakes involved)
eyeballing all the eye candy, 
all topped off with fried chicken

ain't NOTHING wrong with a day like that!


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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time! ~PMD Vintage