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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Farmhouse Table and Ruffle Chairs

We scored these chairs about three years ago...
they were part of an estate

The seller had some some "interesting" repairs and refurbishing
on many of the items we purchased and these chairs were no exception

A set of four, with perfectly chippy paint
however the seats had rotten wood and janky stuffing
(If Finn and Jake can say JANKY so can I)
along with moldy fabric 
oh, and the trim was actually glued on directly to the frame

Which explains why they've been sitting for so long!

Bye bye, rotten wood, janky stuffing, and moldy fabric!

Hello new wood, new cushions, and a thorough cleaning!

We even added new batting (two layers!) so the chairs are ultra comfy!

We sealed the lovely chippy paint to preserve the finish

The cane back, coupled with the chippy finish, 
provides so much texture to these chairs
Visually, they are stunning
The fabric choice needed to be simple enough to not distract from the finish
yet special enough to co-star

White. White and chippy... Perfect!
White, chippy, AND RUFFLED?

 Not so heavenly?
Sewing ruffles. Ironing ruffles. Attaching ruffles...YAWN
so boring!

Now that they are finished...I LOVE THEM! 
(the fabric is treated to resist stains, too)

And how about that table?
Ken did a cerused (lime wash) finish on the entire piece

To achieve this look, he stripped the entire table down to raw wood
but left all the blemishes intact

using oil paint, he created a thin glaze
(the finish shown took two coats)

Once cured, the finish is practically indestructible! 

You can find these pieces, 
along with so many other lovely things at:

Thanks for stopping by!

Michele and Ken


  1. Love it! Love the finish on the table an chairs.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!
    Yes-ruffles are huge work out, but SO worth it!