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Friday, April 18, 2014

She's got Legs...and they are Orchid

We've been SO busy lately!

For starters, I have new colors I have NOT even opened!
I know! I can hardly believe it, either...

I took a bit of a breather the past two days,
focusing not on custom orders or clients, but on a few things I wanted to work on
just for the sake of doing it

The beauty of spring rarely strays far from my thoughts, however
and its lush beauty certainly influenced my color choice

This little cocktail table started out pretty great

How much do you LOVE those long, curvy legs?

It seemed the perfect candidate for 
Amy Howard Home's newest One Step Paint color, ORCHID

This was a really quick project...but I love the finished product
clean lines, simple finish, spectacular color

Here's the finished piece

I wanted to draw attention to those killer legs,
so I applied Amy Howard's Silver Leaf
(no Bole, just Size and Leaf)

Working on this piece today was a great way to quiet my mind
and just focus on creativity and beauty

How about you?  
Is painting simply a means to an end for you, or is it your "me time"? 

I also dipped my brush into one of the new Real Milk Paint colors,

but that's another post!

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