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Thursday, September 6, 2012

BoHo Cherry Blossoms

When we brought this dresser home,
it was white with plastic butterfly knobs
cute, but definitely NOT our thing!

 Gorgeous Florence
with a bit of dark wax to
 enrich and deepen the color

 Sometimes, we're content to leave well-enough alone...
but in this case, we knew we wanted MORE

  We sure do love color!
Metallic bronze, hot pink, magenta, pale pink...gorgeous!
 and in case the color wasn't QUITE enough..

 we added a bit of bling....
because, really, why not? 
I love that the bronze matches the
bronze on the branches
and the shape of the knobs mimics
the cherry blossoms

We actually had this piece slated for another
stencil project...
but this worked out so much better!

This item, and quite a few others
are for sale in our Etsy shop