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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sometimes, Less is More

So...this bed

So many options!

I struggled for weeks over what color/finish it "needed"

I finally settled on Luxe Grey from Amy Howard at Home
highlighted with white and some gold leaf

In theory, it worked

In reality, it was a lot of "look"
 if you know what I mean

The bed just didn't need it!

I switched gears, keeping the Luxe Grey
but highlighting with only Dust of Ages

So. Many. Details.

This bed took me WEEKS
(primarily because I could NOT work on it continuously...had to break it up!)

In retrospect, it's totally worth it
(well, it WILL be worth it when it sells!)

I had BIG plans to stage this bed...
a queen sized air mattress, pretty ruffled bedding, lots of pillows

I had a BIT of trouble setting it up alone!

So for now, it's staged just like you see it in the above photo...propped against the wall!

This gorgeous tallboy seemed like an ideal companion for the bed

It's just a "little" it doesn't compete 
with the Baroque fabulousness of the bed

I wanted the hardware to look like antique, tarnished silver...

I'm really quite pleased with how it all came together...
proof that sometimes, 
less really is more 

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  1. I want them both! Luxe Grey is one of my favorites :)

  2. Truly amazing - I'd love that in my home !!!
    Gorgeous makeover

  3. It is so elegant and regal, absolutely fabulous.

  4. So glad you shared this, it's gorgeous and I have some of the Dust of Ages and was not sure how it would look. It's amazing!

  5. OMG both pieces are absolutely breath taking.

  6. These are simply beautifully! I would love them in my did such an awesome job and chose perfectly to showcase the beauty of the carvings!! WELL DONE!

  7. You've been spotted on my scout this week. This bed has got to be my most favorite in the world. LOVE if! So much, its featured as the Friday Favorite this week. Hope you stop by to see how I bragged about you.

    Hope you're having a great creative week.

    ~ Robin