Monday, August 31, 2015

It's not goodbye.


Sometimes, life changes in an instant.
Sometimes, it only seems like an instant...

To me, it appears that I blinked, 
and everything went in a different direction. 
Allow me to explain.

I love painting. Really, I do.
What I don't love is how completely competitive
and over-saturated
the market has become.
And the drama...heaven help me, the drama!
I want to scream

Chalk paint brought painting furniture to the mainstream.
Sure, it's been popular before...but never on this level. 
We've been involved on a variety of levels, 
and it's been an eye-opener for sure!

So, while I still love it, I don't wish to rely on it for my income.
Or be involved with a paint line.
Or worry about who's stealing my photos. 
I just want to create. 

We have met some wonderful, kind, LOVELY people...
and we've met some of the worst people I've ever known. 
Every single experience has value, right? 

I made the decision to finish up a second degree I started years ago,
and go back into healthcare

(yep, with High Honors!)

I've landed a dream position, and haven't looked back
I feel like I've come back to reality

My new position has a fancy  title that really translates to this:
" I have no time to paint except for fun"
so "will it be fun?" is my new criteria 
when it comes to paint!

We won't be taking on much custom work
(just a select few for local clients and previous clients we love as time permits)
Ken will have some time to relax and continue to recover
I'll keep our FB page active, 
but won't be posting unless we have something new to share

Haven't decided about our website yet...
although I'll maintain our TM and domain

And as long as it remains fun and profitable, 
we'll be keeping our space at 
607 Vintage Marketplace in Largo

Our warehouse packed full?
Maybe we'll have a sale.
Maybe I'll keep it all.
Maybe I'll sell it all on CL.
Who knows.  I sure don't. 

For those of you actively running a small business
similar to ours...kudos and much respect to you! 
I wish you every success imaginable. 
We know the dedication, blood, sweat, and tears it takes. 

As for us, we've reclaimed our nights and weekends
our family time, and our sanity :) 

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